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Interviews - 2008

  Regina Scott August, 2008
Young adult romance author with a strong voice and a keen historical accuracy. ... Read Interview

Interviews - 2007

  David Anthony Durham August, 2007
Author of Acacia: Book One: The War With the Mein. ... Read Interview

  Patrick Rothfuss June, 2007
Author of The Name of the Wind: The Kingkiller Chronicle, Day One. ... Read Interview

  Joe Pekar March, 2007
Author of Naughty Girls, Brandi Bare, and illustrator of numerous pinups. ... Read Interview

  David Rees February, 2007
Author of Get Your War On and other web- and in-print comics. ... Read Interview

  Jane Yolen February, 2007
Prolific author of children's and young adult books, poetry, adult fiction, and non-fiction. ... Read Interview

  Dr. Michael Shermer January, 2007
Author and skeptic - The how and why of belief. ... Read Interview

  Anne Yvonne Gilbert January, 2007
Illustrator with a passion for smart, complex, and delightful children's books. ... Read Interview

Interviews - 2006

  Barry Downard December, 2006
Illustrator and artist working with computers, chickens, and cows, to create photo-based art. ... Read Interview

  Lane Smith November, 2006
Illustrator of numerous children's books, and author of a couple as well. ... Read Interview

  Wes Lowe November, 2006
Illustrator of numerous advertising and publishing illustrations. ... Read Interview

  Clyde Caldwell September 2006
Illustrator of numerous book covers and other illustrations. ... Read Interview

  Richard Sala August, 2006
Author and illustrator of Peculia, Maniac Killer Strikes Again!, The Chuckling Whatsit, and others. ... Read Interview

  David Petersen August, 2006
Author and illustrator of Mouse Guard, a six-volume graphic novel. ... Read Interview

  Peter Bagge July, 2006
Author and illustrator of Buddy Bites the Bullet!, Fun With Buddy and Lisa, and other comics and collections. ... Read Interview

  Janny Wurts & Don Maitz June, 2006
Authors and illustrators of First Maitz, Keeper of the Keys, Channel's Destiny, in addition to other novels and numerous cover illustrations. ... Read Interview

  Jeffrey Lewis June, 2006
Author and illustrator of Fuff, Guff, and Jeff's Austin Diary. He has also released several music CDs. ... Read Interview

  Jay Lake May, 2006
Author of Greetings from Lake Wu, American Sorrows, Dogs in the Moonlight, and Rocket Science, in addition to other novels and many short stories. ... Read Interview

  Irene Radford May, 2006
Author of the Merlin's Descendents, Star Gods, Dragon Nimbus, and Dragon Nimbus History series. ... Read Interview

  Margaret H. Bonham May, 2006
Author of Prophecy of Swords and numerous pet books. ... Read Interview

  Kurt Cyrus May, 2006
Author and illustrator of Hotel Deep, Oddhopper Opera, Slow Train to Oxmox, and Tangle Town, and illustrator of other books. ... Read Interview

  Tony Millionaire April, 2006
Author and illustrator of Billy Hazelnuts, When We Were Very Maakies, Der Struwwelmaakies, The House at Maakies Corner, and Mighty Mite the Ear Mite. ... Read Interview

  Johnny Ryan April, 2006
Author and illustrator of Blecky Yuckerella, Portajohnny, and What're You Lookin' At?! ... Read Interview

  Colleen Coover March, 2006
Author and illustrator of Small Favors Book 1 and Small Favors Book 2. ... Read Interview

  Madeleine Robins March, 2006
Author of The Stone War, Point of Honour, Petty Treason, and other novels. ... Read Interview

  Jonathan Adams February, 2006
Author and illustrator of Truth Serum. ... Read Interview

  Michael Z. Williamson February, 2006
Co-author of The Hero, author of Freehold, Confirmed Kill, and other novels. ... Read Interview

Featured Items

Castaways in Lilliput
Cover Art by Kurt Cyrus

Blecky Yuckerella
by Johnny Ryan

Billy Hazelnuts
by Tony Millionaire

Truth Serum
by Jonathan Adams

Point of Honour
by Madeleine Robins

Small Favors Bk 1
by Colleen Coover


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