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Book Reviews

  At the Closing of a Day 2011
The diary of Sergeant Merle Alan Fisher, in a Marine Division in World War II...just as he's about to board ship. ... Read Review

  POD 2011
Trapped in a parking garage with someone even more dangerous than the alien space balls that are spinning outside... ... Read Review

  Epitaph Road 2011
The women rule and Earth is a perfect Utopia. ... Read Review

  Skeleton Creek 2011
Sarah sees something terrifying in the window... ... Read Review

  13 Days Till Midnight 2010
Somebody has died. Jacob could have saved them, but he didn't. ... Read Review

  The Mysterious Benedict Society 2010
Have you ever looked down upon them and thought them dumb? ... Read Review

  And Then There Were None 2010
Was it Blore? The maid? The butler? ... Read Review

  Magyk 2010
A normal book about adventure and purple-eyed Magykl children being cruelly abandoned in the snow... ... Read Review

  The Hunger Games 2010
What was once North America is now the cruel and horrible place of Panem... ... Read Review

  The 100 Cupboards 2010
...until his athletic parents are kidnapped during a cyclist competition one sunny afternoon... ... Read Review

  Vladimir Todd: Eighth Grade Bites 2010
There is a world beyond your imagination: a world filled with honorable heroes and despicable villains. ... Read Review

  Faerie Wars 2010
There is a world beyond your imagination: a world filled with honorable heroes and despicable villains. ... Read Review

  The Giver 2010
The Giver is about a village of the future: no war, no fear, and no pain. ... Read Review

  Twilight 2010
A fun and addictive book, Twilight is the story of an introverted 17 year old ... Read Review

  Crank 2010
Crank is a book I have read recently, and I immediately ... Read Review

  Canned 2009
This is a very remarkable, witty, humorous book and I can’t refrain from saying ... Read Review

  Thr3e 2009
I recommend this book because it is like a blend of sugar, sharp lemons, and a bowl of pepper mixed together ... Read Review

  Haunted 2009
Haunted is composed of narrative alternating with stories and poems ... Read Review

  Bookhunter 2009
A valuable Bible has been stolen from the Oakland Public Library ... Read Review

Featured Items

Castaways in Lilliput
Cover Art by Kurt Cyrus

Blecky Yuckerella
by Johnny Ryan

Billy Hazelnuts
by Tony Millionaire

Truth Serum
by Jonathan Adams

Point of Honour
by Madeleine Robins

Small Favors Bk 1
by Colleen Coover


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